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Simplify processes to get the most out of your data

Unlock the full potential of unstructured data with streamlined and efficient data processes. Simplify and optimize data processes with actionable insights, make informed decisions, and achieve data-driven success with confidence and ease.

Keep your data clean with automated checks, alerts, and reports, ensuring accuracy and reliability for better decision-making.


Use our platform to improve reporting processes

Reporting processes rely on high quality data. Unfortunately data often is locked in emails, excels and documents. Free your data today by automating data preparation and validation processes.

Fund of Funds Investors
Collect, validate, enrich and prepare all your fund data in one place. Assets, portfolios, cashflow, balance sheets and capital accounts freed from documents and at your fingertips.
Alternative Investments
We streamline private equity, debt, real estate, and infrastructure fund administration, adhering to industry standards like ILPA and INREV. Our platform automates processes involving unstructured data formats, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational risk.
Financial Markets Data Management
Using Mesoica, efficiently manage financial market data by detecting suspicious movements, maintaining standards, validating naming, controlling quality, and fostering team collaboration through audit trails and automated data lineage, ensuring enhanced consistency and quality control.
Real Estate
Address real estate data challenges by ensuring accuracy, integrating diverse sources (such as INREV), and analyzing market trends. This is essential for informed decision-making, risk management, and maximizing returns in the dynamic real estate market.
AIFMD Depositary Services
Stay compliant with AIFMD regulations with our automated audit trails, clear and detailed records of all activity, and easy tracking and managing of any issues or incidents. Our platform supports AIFMD depositary services, including transaction reconciliation, cash flow management, case management.
Environmental, Social, and Governance
Our platform helps navigate ESG data challenges: quality assurance, standardization, integration, regulatory compliance. Overcoming these is essential for leveraging ESG data in sustainable decision-making and meeting stakeholder demands for transparency and accountability.

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